Hi there. I'm Ivo, and for some reason you've found my homepage and you're apparently interested enough to read at least this far. Hmm you're still here? Oh well, I might as well tell you a little about me, then.

My name is Ivo Janssen, Dutch by birth (and proud of it!), 42 years and 88 days old, currently living in Austin, Texas, USA. In an effort to chronicle my life for anyone interested, there's my weblog and my photo album. You can find links to them on the left in the navigation bar.

Please also visit my sister's website on the volunteer orphanage she is running in Nyeri, Kenya, or in Dutch, het vrijwilligerswerk weeshuis dat ze gestart is in Nyeri, Kenia

Some of you might just know me as "Leto", my online nick, named after Leto Atreides II, son of Paul 'Muad'Dib' Atreides. This is all from the excellent series of Dune by Frank Herbert. I'm so obsessed, I even got the "LETO" license plates, for both the states of New Jersey and Texas.

I try to put interesting and beautiful background images on my site. They auto-rotate, and the link "background image" in the navigation bar on the left will take you to a more in-depth discussion on the picture. And it will also show you the whole picture, unobstructed by text like this.

Feel free to read the rest of this page, and click on the links in the navigation bar on the left, which will take you to other interesting parts of this site.


Read a Dutch translation of this page, machine translated by Babelfish.

The job

I work for a startup, United Devices Univa UD Initiate Systems IBM Virtual Bridges, located in Austin, Texas. I'm a Senior Consultant, which means I get to out to all our customers, often in Europe, sometimes even in Japan or Australia, and train and support them in our product. It's a wonderful job, never boring because every client has different needs and different problems, and it's an enormous satisfaction to just make stuff work while on-site. I love problem solving, and fortunately I know our product so well, I'm always able to fix whatever issue the client might have.
And of course I get to see a lot of the world.

Not the job

So what do I do when not at work? Some people have long lists of hobbies that they'll insert in this part. I'm always discombobulated when asked what my hobbies are. I do things outside of work, but I cannot claim such hobbies as sky diving or playing and collecting board games. I guess I just like to relax, have a homebrewed beer with my friends, hang out on IRC (a chatroom, but not AOL-lame), or drive around town with a Starbucks coffee in my mug. Nothing special, just slack, I guess. A wonderful way to spend your free time, if you ask me.

Huh, where the old homepage at? Que?

Wow, a new layout for! Amazing! Read all about it in my weblog.

Happy 10th anniversary, dear homepage

This layout represents the very first change in layout since the inception of my personal webspace. I started writing HTML in spring '94, in my freshman year in college, when I was just introduced to Linux and ran the Mosaic and Netscape 1.0 browsers. For nostalgic purposes, you can still see my old layout (content frozen in June 2004) here.


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