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Official new site of
Ivo Janssen
a.k.a 'Leto'

Hello, you just found the home-page of me, Ivo J.G.M. Janssen, an employee of United Devices in Austin, Texas, where I work as a software developer and as a sales engineer since May 2001, when I graduated from Delft University of Technology with a Master's in Electrical Engineering.


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Current and past interests

listed in reverse chronological order
United Devices
I'm currently working as Senior Software Engineer at United Devices in Austin, Texas. The company is the leader in commercial distributed computing (or 'grid computing'). I'm really happy to work there, since distributed computing has been my hobby for a lot of years, and most of my friends from are working for UD, too.


Distributed Computing
In my spare time, I spend a lot of time on Distributed.Net, an effort to combine the idle-time of computers all over the world into one giant supercomputer. Read all about it at their homepage and join us!


Master of Science
I finished my M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at this University, working on a new type of computer-architecture, named "move". It's a VLIW-like processor with only one instruction, the 'move'. Read all about it on the MOVE-project homepage. My thesis is about scheduling immediates into the instructionstream of the VLIW-type Move architecture. For this thesis, I also did a internship at NEC, Princeton, read all about it on my diary.


Internet to Leto's dormitory
I'm networkadministrator for my house, Ricardishof 1. We used to have a dedicated 128kbps digital LeasedLine for Internet in our house. That costs money. A discussion about costs and how to charge them to our users is on this page.
Nowadays our dorm-complex is connected to the university by a E1 (2Mbit) connection delivered by the national local-loop monopolist, the KPN, and later by Dark Fiber as part of the university's "Fiber To The Dorm" project.


Penthouse is the name of the dorm or house where I lived. Named after the fact that we live on the top-floor of the building, which is called Ricardishof


Integraal Project Practicum
The IPP (Integrated Project Practical) is a third-year (junior year) design-course, with emphasis on project management. You start with the very first step, product requirements, and 8 weeks later, a complete working system is made. My assignment is to make an automatic "coffee-is-ready"-sign to be placed on the X-terminal of the members of a certain laboratory, CARDIT, in this case.
This device also runs on his dorm-floor, and a FAQ can be found here.


DSV Sint Jansbrug
Once, I was the maintainer of the DSV Sint Jansbrug Homepage, but after I graduated people with a lot more incentive to make it cool revamped the whole site. Which is a good thing. Sint Jansbrug is the student organization of which I'm a member. My "jaarclub" is Taboe, a '94 "annual-club".
It seems they have a new homepage up at

The "Ontwerp-practicum" is a second-year design-course, where you form a team with sixteen other student and design a complete workin IC. Our group was the second group ever to deliver a compeletely working chip! (although we were promised to get an IC, if we could make it working (and we did), we never got one....)

Well, as I'm studying Electrical Engineering , I almost have to like computers, don't I? Click on my computer to see more info.

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